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The most exciting team building.

съемки 087Our company has nearly 100 employees. Instead of celebrating the corporate new year  we had team building. We were divided into 4 teams. Every team should have made a film about a car, based on the real film. Our team received the car Jeep Grand Cherokee and the film «5th element». Every employee had to participate  in the filming:  It was necessary to write a script, choose the music, the costumes, while filming we had to help make-up artists, to be responsible for food,  light, sound, etc.

I didn’t want to get the role, because I am very shy. But one suit was my size, it fitted well. I had to accept the role of opera singer Plava Laguna. съемки 083Before to start shooting, we discussed the film very turbulently by e-mail. Teams met in the conference rooms, all employees whispering, laughing and joking . Then, day of filming was appointed. We went to the film set and spent there most of the day.

I sang and danced.съемки 088 съемки 089 съемки 090 съемки 095 съемки 099 съемки 100 It wasn’t difficult. Then I was shot, and I I had to fall a lot of time.

All teams shot their films and  were waiting, when we can watch. We saw them after 3 weeks at the Oscars. Before that we couldn’t  see our film.

All employees received an invitation in the restaurant, there we saw all films for the first time. Then there was real voting, on the results of which actors were chosen, who won an Oscar. It was very exciting, to hear my name and receive an Oscar for The Best Supporting ActressIMG_2483.tbjmB1Hw5fw I liked our team building, we really became close to each other.


My dream house

Now, I am living in the blocks of flats to the 15th floor. If the electricity is switched off and the elevator isn’t working, I feel helpless and I am stressed, when I need to go down the dark stairs. I prefer living in the small cottage, I feel safer there. I can’t afford to buy a house near Moscow, accommodation is very expensive there. So we bought the plot 1500 km from Moscow and we want to build a house there.

We bought the plot in the village. This area is quiet, calm and peaceful. We want to build a big two-storied house. My dream house must have several bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a living room, and a balcony on the second floor. My house must be spacious, light, cosy and comfortable. There must be all conveniences: heating, hot and cold water, shower, lavatory, sewerage system.

My house must have the necessary furniture:a doble bed, a bookcase, a wardrobe, shelves, some armchairs, a sofa, a dinning table, a fridge, a sink, a microwave oven, a cooker, an oven, a washing machine. A garage and playground for children Around the house.


This year, autumn has come for us, when we came back from vacation. We went to Moscow on the 8th of September. It was rainy and it was 15 degrees above zero. I knew that the weather will be warm because  Indian summer hasn’t come yet.

I like autumn, because it is a very beautiful season. Leaves become yellow, red, and brown. I love going for a walk with my family in an autumn park, making photos, gathering leaves. We will make applications from leaves. But this autumn we haven’t gone for a walk together yet, because all weekends we were making pickles and jams. In autumn, markets are full of tasty fruit and vegetables, and we were able to cook pickled zucchini and cucumbers, cook squash caviar and lecho, jams and compotes. Our children like jam with bread very much. We are going to cook salted cabbage, but we can salt cabbage only when a temperature will be below zero. Usually, we salt cabbage in October.

Yet I love autumn because I have my birthday in September. My birthday was on the 13th of September. I was presented an oven for bread and I can cook homemade bread.

The weather becomes colder in autumn, the wind blows, it is rainy, children start to catch flu and start to be ill. This autumn we have caught a cold. But I hope very much, that we get well soon and we will go for a walk.

Autumn is a sad season for us, because summer has ended and there will be a long cold winter ahead.


We didn’t  choose  a holiday destination. Last year we bought a plot not far from the Black sea and we were waiting for a vacation and were going to go the South and to build the house.

Before starting a holiday we bought some sleeping bags and a tent, we were going to sleep in the tent, but there was grass on our plot and our friends rented a house with two rooms for us. We went by car. When we relaxed after a long way, we went to the sea. The sea was very warm and transparent. In July water is the warmest. Our children like playing in the sand on the coast. Our beach was uncrowded. Then we started to work and we were working from dawn till dusk. If there was electricity on our plot, we would work all night. There was a lot of work, and we couldn’t go to the sea. We bought a pool for our children.  We bought the sand for construction, but our children played in the sand: built cities and jumped from the mountains of sand. We were working during this time.

We went to the sea only 3 times, but we built the foundation for house, made fence and temporary home.  Currently our plot has electricity and water.  We ate a lot of fruit and vegetables, melons and watermelons from the patch, drank fresh milk and breathed fresh air. The best rest for me is a change of activity, when all family does something together and I hope very much that  next year we will be able to go to the south to build our dacha.

Jeep Experience day

Our company conducts auto training for employees, journalists and customers. This year, we have had training by Fiat 500, Fiat Punto, Fiat Ducato and training by brand Jeep, which is called «Jeep Experience day». For this training managers were building route in the country during 3 months.Image

My colleagues and I met early in the morning, got in the car and went to the destination. Sunny weather, friendly company, festal music and the road in the country it all promotes the spirit of adventure and good mood.Image First, we arrived, were registered, received the schedule of races (every employee had his own schedule to everyone to have time to try all models), next, we met with the rest of colleagues, we had breakfast and we went to be photographed.Image Unfortunately, some employees didn’t go to the training, they must have gone to very important a meeting.  The vibrant music, beautiful cars and familiar people created an atmosphere of private party.ImageImageImage

After a little, but heavy breakfast (hamburgers, fries, pancakes) we went to the theoretical part. The coach told us about history of brand Jeep, compared with competitors, told about capability of  this car, spent time coaching behaviors driving on the local route. We even couldn’t imagine what will happen next.Image We were in real extreme conditions. We drove on logs, along the river, we went down to the very steep hills, so that if we weren’t fastened, we would fly down, also, we were going up the steep hills, so that through the windshield, we saw only the sky.In some parts of the road, we drove on two wheels and our car could turn over in every moment.ImageImageImageImageImage Routes were dangerous, but we were able to do without incidents. It was very cool. I got a lot of emotions. I don’t dream to buy Jeep, but I know that Jeep is the best of all for off-road.Image

My favorite food

I don’t have a lot of weight, I watch my figure, but in spite of this, I am really a heavy eater. I like to eat tasty food very much. For breakfast I prefer porridge, bread with butter and cheese or scrambled eggs and milk cocktail. For lunch, I prefer borsch, meat balls or roast chicken, stewed cabbage. When I was a little girl, my name was «potato soul», because I love potato in any form: boiled, stewed, roasted, baked and even cooked on the fire. I always have hearty dinner. For example, often, when I stay at work, my husband cooks pancakes with butter and sugar or sour cream. I can’t help trying them. I would like very much to buy a Bread Maker, to bake bread. Fresh baked bread is very tasty. After every eating I always eat a dessert with tea, it is sweets and cookies. I am afraid to put on weight, but then I will look like a boll on thin legs. So I every day I do excises on a stationary bike and I do sit ups the press. I like fruit as well: apples, pears, bananas, pineapples. I am always looking forward to summer, because only in summer I can eat strawberries, cherries, raspberry, apricots, watermelons, melons. If I had my own plot, I would grow there fruit and berries.

I like home cooking most of all, because when you eat in a café, you can often have a stomachache. And only sometimes I go to a café, when I meet with my friends. We don’t book a table, we come in any café and if prices are moderate and the staffs are friendly, then we stay.

At the end, I want to say, that traditional Russian cuisine is my favorite food.

Plans for the next 2 months

In august I will have a holiday, and I need to do one important task before the holiday it is organizing and conducting a dealer conference. I like this task very much and it is a basic that I am going to do in the near future. Usually we invite all dealers to the conference and tell them about important events that occurred in the company. For example at the future conference we are going to speak about work of after sales department in the first half of 2012, about the prospects for business development in the Russia, about new commercial policy, about work of  the new  warehouse.

At first, I have a tender, I send request to agencies and wait for their offers. An agency wins  which offers more favorable conditions. Then I need to choose a hotel. I visit expensive hotels and I choose which hotel is more appropriate for us. Any detail is important here: I check a view from hotel, I check the rooms and hall for conference and check a place which a hotel offers for entertainment, I also check convenience of parking, and parking capacity. It is important for us, to make our guests feel comfortable and snug.

When we choose a hotel, we make up a menu for entertainment and entertainment program. I need to choose the host, artists, and quizzes. Entertainment program isn’t less important, than the conference, because it helps to improve relations between employees and dealers.  And of course, we do our presentations so I am working as never before with full dedication and I don’t have time to write long texts.